Supercharge Your Workflow: Integrating AI Agents into Your Daily Routine

Supercharge Your Workflow: Integrating AI Agents into Your Daily Routine

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Apr 20, 2023
We’ve all seen what can be done by LLM tools like ChatGPT, from writing entire emails and articles in seconds to writing code and music!
But what if we could use their power to accomplish even more? Can we use them to perform multi-step tasks? For example what if we need to write a blog on some topic but are not sure what the topic should be exactly? Or what if we want to develop some kind of marketing strategy but need to do some research first?
These are still relatively simple tasks but with some extra difficult tasks thrown in which shouldn’t be too hard to solve if you have access to the entire internet.
These are some of the exact examples of what AI Agents like can accomplish! We can use agents to start to accomplish tasks which are multi-step and require a bit more thought.
But that’s just the start of it. At the end of the day, how do we as humans complete objectives and tasks? Is there some kind of algorithm we could come up with which can be used to do [almost] anything a human can do? This is one of the many questions we’re attempting to answer by building!
Let’s get back to how we can use AI Agents right now to boost our productivity. Read on for some practical tips on incorporating AI agents into your daily routine.

Identify Tasks Suitable for Automation

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First and foremost, we need to pinpoint the tasks that are prime candidates for automation. Any kind of repetitive, time-consuming tasks that don't require a high level of creativity or critical thinking. are perfect candidates.
For example, doing research on some topic and writing reports as we go along. Or planning a trip and finding fun activities to do while there.
We can also get help in more creative or complex endeavours, e.g. writing the code to build a website or a game from scratch! But these more complex tasks require many more steps to complete and need more tweaks and help along the way to get close to the end. Breaking down such large tasks in more manageable mini-projects is a good technique in utilising AI Agents to achieve parts of what needs to be done.
Here are some other kinds of tasks we’ve seen users automate with a good amount of success:
  • Research the financial market (especially crypto) and produce reports/suggestions
  • Create a personalized course to a learn a specific subject/topic (e.g. a new skill, a new language, a new business sector, etc)
  • Create a board game
  • Make a meal plan based on specific dietary needs and other criteria
  • Produce new business strategie

Choose the Right AI Agent

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Not all AI agents are created equal, so it's crucial to find one that meets your specific needs. The architecture of the agent will also have an impact on what kind of tasks it can excel at and how it will try to complete them.
Two of the most popular open-source tools with separate architectures are babyAGI and AutoGPT. Even though these tools are freely available, you’ll need to provide your own API key, meaning you’ll still need to pay for your usage and setup an OpenAI API.
Be very cautious if you go down this path as it’s very easy to accidentally spend hundreds of dollars without realising. You’ll also need to be comfortable with the terminal and installing software through the terminal, as these tools only provide a text-based interface. solves all of these issues with a clear focus on UX that makes it easy to create and automate tasks based on a single goal. We’ve learned from all the ongoing efforts and designed a bespoke architecture which is designed to help you actually be more productive and accomplish what set out to do.

Set Clear Goals and Parameters

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To get the most out of your AI agent, be sure to set clear goals and parameters for each task. You want to set a relatively specific goal but not long. Depending on the complexity of the goal, aim to write between 1 to 6 sentences.
Longer goals can cause the agent to not understand which path of the objective to focus on. If your goal can not be shortened, you can experiment with creating multiple agents and rewording the goal and seeing which initial plan matches more closely to what you’re after and continue progressing that agent.

Treat the AI Agent as an intern

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A technique which helps best utilise the power of the AI Agents is by treating them as your interns! They can be very capable but occasionally might steer off in the wrong direction.
We make agents very transparent so they can always see what they’ve done, what the results were and what they’re going to do next. We’re also actively working on making it easier and easier to steer the direction of how the task is being worked so you can manage your team of AI Agents as just like a team of AI-powered staff!

Embrace Continuous Improvement

This field is moving very fast and we’re adding more and more first-class capabilities to our agents, including features like enhanced search allowing the Agent to perform live search and quote its references!


We are living in exciting teams, watching AI develop at incredible speeds. All the signs point towards AI coming here to stay. The question is now how do we use them as tools to empower us and make us more productive? Experimenting with new technologies like AI Agents can help revolutionize the way we work by taking away the boring parts of what we need to do.
We hope to see you as one of our users soon if you’re not one yet! We’re also keen to hear your feedback on how you’re using AI Agents or how you’d like to use them in the future. Feel free to message us anytime by filling out our feedback form.